Објављено дана

WEB Inženjering je započeo dugoročno partnerstvo u oblastima dizajniranja sistema pneumatskog transporta praškastih materijala cevima i industrijskog otprašivanja

WEB Engineering has entered into a strategic partnership with Engineering Company, a Serbian well-known project office in the fields of:

  • pneumatic conveyance of grain and powder materials,
  • industrial dust exhausting.

Under the term of the agreement, WEB Engineering commits to providing:

  • full on-going design, engineering, and drafting service for various projects,
  • taking measurements of the client’s facilities,
  • internal design standardization, design automation.

WEB Engineering’s service will be an integral part of the Engineering Company turn-key projects.

“We are looking to provide our customers with faster time-to-market projects, thus increasing their return on investment ratio,” said Engineering Company Chief Executive Officer, Srbislav Živović. “I welcome the strategic partnership with WEB Engineering, which will enable us to be cost-efficient, productive, and flexible.”

“We are honored to partner with Engineering Company, Serbian well-known project office,” said WEB Engineering’s owner, Darko Ćaldović. “The collaboration between Engineering Company and WEB Engineering supports investors from this delicate industry, allowing even more investors to receive even higher class service than before. It is another significant milestone in WEB Engineering’s growth strategy.”

As part of the partnership, WEB Engineering will provide the Engineering Company with professional and world-class design services, gained throughout its ten years of development, servicing many clients from other industries. WEB Engineering will begin supporting the Engineering Company immediately.