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One of the most significant projects completed for the Soybean meal industry – customer Soja Protein, ADM (Bečej, Serbia)

For our client Engineering Company (Smederevo, Serbia), we have completed one of the most significant projects in the Soybean meal industry – customer Soja Protein, ADM (Bečej, Serbia). It is a new Textured Soy Proteins extrusion facility in Serbia.

We were responsible for: design engineering & equipment drafting for fabrication, procurement, installation supervision, and commissioning assistance.

At the project start, we needed to find the best equipment positions in the already completed civil project. During that time, by foreseeing collisions between silos, we prevented significant money losses and delays in the project schedule. Luckily, silo cells hadn’t been launched in production. With that, we got the responsibility of guiding needed silo modifications.

Our responsibility was also to design 15 pneumatic conveyance lines – some of those lines needed to go to adjacent facilities. The new facility had to be designed and built in phases, interlacing the design work of several professions on one side and civil works on the other, which had already started. We hadn’t completed the project when a customer insisted on equipment delivery.

It has taken us two unbelievable years from the project start to the completed facility. Regardless rough and stressful that time was, with many sleepless nights, we were able to complete the project. We are grateful for the chance to lead the design & engineering tasks on such a worthwhile project. It was an excellent experience for all of us.

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