Our Location


We operate from Kragujevac, Serbia’s fourth-biggest city. It is the homeland of modern Serbia, situated around 100 km south of the capital Belgrade.

Outsourcing potential in Serbia

Serbia is becoming one of the most in-demand outsourcing destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. The country’s engineering education is particularly strong, with almost a third of university graduates coming from technical schools.

Serbian people are exceptional when it comes to English language proficiency, ranking third worldwide (behind the Philippines and Norway) and have been in the Top 5 globally for more than five years.


Why Serbia?

Cultural affinity – Serbia has a delicate balance and link between East and West, both personally and at the business level, making building relationships easier.

Time Zone – Serbia is situated in the same time zone as Western Europe (+/- an hour), enabling smooth coordination of daily communication and meetings arranged during working hours. The Time zone difference from East Coast is six hours, which overlaps with clients possible for a portion of their working hours.

English language – The English language is mandatory through education in at least eight years. Since they study at least two foreign languages, it is common to find professionals from all work lines with excellent knowledge of German, Italian, Spanish, French, or Russian.

Value – Clients can get relatively low prices in Serbia for the same high quality of work as in Western Europe or the USA.

Education – Thanks to the educational system that significantly focuses on engineering and computer sciences, Serbia creates highly qualified and capable young people with a strong mathematical and logical background.